Widespread child abuse in schools?

Okay, what’s wrong with these people?  I’m talking about the folks who run many of the schools across America. I’m talking about the widespread child abuse in schools.

When I was in elementary school, I remember teachers and principles being so professional and respectable. Now, it seems that all across the world, particularly in America, things are changing. Members of the traditional authority structures like law enforcement and schools are becoming increasingly cold, callous, or in some cases, just plain nuts. Where are they getting their training? Who is behind all this madness?

Let me back up a second. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more articles and videos showing bizarre incidents of authority abuse. And I’m not just talking about little benign offences. I’m talking about scenarios that could have been scenes at Briarcliffe in season two of “American Horror Story”.

Before you watch the video below, I’d like to offer a few thoughts on this.

It is plain old common sense that love is the only true way to eliminate anger in a person’s heart. Beating a person or torturing them may calm them down for the moment, but it only does so by encasing the anger in a fortress of retaliation and escape. This seems so obvious, and yet there are those we trust with the education of our children that seem totally oblivious to this common truth.

  • How did these individuals ever graduate from their credentialing institutions?
  • How is it that their sadistic moral attitudes were not detected, or if they were, how it is they were ignored?
  • Could it be that the very foundations of the educational system is corrupted with an evil sadistic influence?

I always thought that people who went to work with special needs individuals were the cream-of-the-crop when it came to kindness and having a loving heart. The people I’ve known personally who went into this line of work always displayed a great disdain for any form of cruelty. Of course, that was at least a decade ago when I last knew a person like this. So what has happened since then where we now see:

  • Children going on mass shootings in schools
  • Teachers routinely being caught in sexual relationships with young students
  • Police increasingly treating citizens with harsh disdain, disrespect, and violence
  • Teachers who seem to enjoy man-handling or even torturing special needs students.

As I try to think of possible reasons for this sadistic behaviour from those we have traditionally trusted, one explanation sticks out more than any other. People generally need a strong love-motivated conscience in order to counteract natural selfish tendencies. When all the institutions we historically put our trust into, such as government, schools, and churches, start to crumble from moral corruption and decay, the inner voice of love-motivated conscience grows quiet.  It is then that people give in to that little “demon” voice in their head.

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